What Matters At Work: Aligning Values and Providing Leadership

I’ve worked with many individuals and work teams over the years, and I’m often impressed by the dedication and commitment people bring to delivering quality service in the face of obstacles. One of the under-explored challenges they face is that they are frequently spending inordinate amounts of energy and resources reacting to the crisis of the moment, rather than being guided by a clear set of Intentions, Values, and Practices that help them focus on What Matters. That’s why I’ve recently published What Matters At Work, a learning Guide that helps all of us who are determined to provide outstanding leadership and service, some important ways to do so.

What Matters At Work is organized as a series of thirty-three “Lessons,” each offering a lens into a practice that can help us clarify our focus and discern those things we truly value that should guide our efforts. It begins with “interior work,” learning and practicing methods for clarifying our Core Stories in order to discern our values and guide our efforts. As the course proceeds, readers are invited to engage with others to have critical conversations that can deepen our insights and broaden our reach and influence. Eventually, there are Challenges presented whereby the skills and tools that have been cultivated are applied to critical issues, such as workplace conflicts, engaging larger communities to manage transition, and gaining a broader understanding of What Matters; the results of these efforts can profoundly transform our organizations. Practice Scenarios and Worksheets are provided to allow all who are participating – which I hope is much more than the individual reader at the start of the experience – to offer important resources to the practice and implementation of these ideas.

We have been able to pilot two initial What Matters at Work courses with impressive results, as participants have been inspired to take specific initial actions to improve their organizations. But I am also excited by how individuals see the benefits of developing such skills: To know for oneself where to focus energies can be a source of clarity and purpose that transcends the day-to-day grind and energizes one to gain a deeper appreciation for life. And if the end, this may truly be What Matters.

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