Be Present – STOP to Appreciate the Moment

One of the most challenging and important things we can do to be true to our Intentions and Values at work is to take moments during the day to slow down from our frantic pace and Be Present. This exercise is excerpted from my recent book, What Matters at Work, and it incorporates the teachingsContinue reading “Be Present – STOP to Appreciate the Moment”

Kindle Version of What Matters at Work on Sale!

Please excuse this promotional announcement… The eBook version of What Matters at Work will be on a special sale on the Amazon site for the coming week. It starts at $1.99 on Thursday, Feb 13th, then increases to $3.99 and $5.99 through the next seven days before returning to its usual $9.99 price (still anContinue reading “Kindle Version of What Matters at Work on Sale!”


The idea of the Learning Organization is easy to grasp, but challenging to implement. We aspire to have workplaces where there is an ongoing exchange of ideas, one where people learn from one another and apply that learning collaboratively and generously to challenges they face. But in order for that to occur, the ways weContinue reading “LESSON 17: THE LEARNING ORGANIZATION AND “ENGAGED PEDAGOGY””

Wandering: In the Beginning was the Relationship

The following is an excerpt from my book, What Matters at Work: Among the key insights gleaned from our work through the years is that none of us exists in isolation from others, and that the fundamental building block of the universe is the Relationship. Contrary to dominant socialization that focuses so strongly on individualism,Continue reading “Wandering: In the Beginning was the Relationship”