Communities of Practice: Focus on What Matters

Communities of Practice (CoP’s) offer an outstanding way to organize ourselves to focus on the most important issues facing us in this special time. These peer-driven learning organizations are uniquely adaptable to our virtual environments, bringing people together across organizations, professions, localities, and experiences in order to address a common learning challenge together. As theyContinue reading “Communities of Practice: Focus on What Matters”

Listening Deeply During this Time of Transition

I sit at my table, working on my computer and occasionally looking out the window. My dog moans. My partner, also working at the table, notices something she feels is worth sharing with me. I halfheartedly listen to her, all the while continuing to look at the words and images on my screen. At oneContinue reading “Listening Deeply During this Time of Transition”

Kindle Version of What Matters at Work on Sale!

Please excuse this promotional announcement… The eBook version of What Matters at Work will be on a special sale on the Amazon site for the coming week. It started at $ .99 yesterday, May 11th, then increases to $3.99 and $5.99 through the next seven days before returning to its usual $9.99 price (still an excellent deal)Continue reading “Kindle Version of What Matters at Work on Sale!”

Is this our “Star Trek” Moment?

For Trekkies, the question I am raising here is obvious. But for most of us who have watched the various incarnations of Star Trek through the past 50+ years, the premise of the program is something we may not have recognized is crucial to the current state of world affairs. It is well understood thatContinue reading “Is this our “Star Trek” Moment?”