This excerpt from What Matters at Work seems to add nicely to previous discussions about conflict, collaborative negotiation, and decision-making. I hope you find it useful to read — then give it a try! A key challenge occurs when we are invited to engage in longer planning, policy-making, or conflict negotiation processes without being adequatelyContinue reading “USING THE “OUTCOMES IDENTIFICATION EXERCISE””

“Jammin”: Fast-Paced Idea-Generation in a Playful Space

I love “Jammin.” To me, it’s far more than a facilitation tool or a cool group activity. It’s an example of what can emerge from truly playful collaboration in a Community of Practice (or in any work environment that promotes flexible, creative thinking). Here’s the back story:  I have previously written about UW-MANIAC, the MadisonContinue reading ““Jammin”: Fast-Paced Idea-Generation in a Playful Space”

Facing this Overwhelming Moment

It’s hard to know where to begin, it feels so overwhelming: A global pandemic has infected 6.5 million people across the world and shows no signs of abating as it now attacks some of the poorest countries on Earth. COVID-19 has killed nearly 400,000 people including an unfathomable 108,000 in the US, the wealthiest nationContinue reading “Facing this Overwhelming Moment”

Celebrating Communities of Practice

This week, my colleague Darin Eich and I had the privilege of hosting a webinar that examined how Communities of Practice help us focus on What Matters at Work. We were joined by an amazing group of people from diverse fields and backgrounds, excitedly exploring ways CoP’s can serve our organizations in these turbulent times.Continue reading “Celebrating Communities of Practice”

Sustain Your Creative Spirit by “Orbiting the Giant Hairball”

One of my favorite books is Gordon Mackenzie’s, Orbiting the Giant Hairball (1998). During his 30-year career with Hallmark Cards, Mackenzie discovered ways to retain creativity in the face of the inexorable gravitational pull towards conformity (the “hairball”), and to seek bliss while remaining dedicated to the corporate mission and vision:  “Orbiting is responsible creativity:Continue reading “Sustain Your Creative Spirit by “Orbiting the Giant Hairball””