Dealing with Conflict Under Stress — Keep It Simple

Much of my work over the years has been in helping address workplace conflicts. When we are all now trying to do our part to minimize the impacts of COVID-19 on our society, we also must adjust to new ways of working under stress. Different businesses are experiencing different stress factors: Some are working fromContinue reading “Dealing with Conflict Under Stress — Keep It Simple”

“The world’s turned upside down.” These famous words, invoked in a 17th century English ballad and most recently in the musical, Hamilton, describe our current time quite well. This was largely true it seemed, just a few months ago as the world political order was disintegrating. But that was before COVID-19 truly turned the worldContinue reading

Decisions, Decisions

How are decisions made in your organization? Many organizations simply assume a hierarchical chain of command that is reflected in position power: Staff report to supervisors, who report to Directors, who report to VPs, up to the CEO. Decisions are made by those “up the food chain,” and the jobs of those below are toContinue reading “Decisions, Decisions”

Building and Repairing Trust in Working Relationships

In What Matters at Work, we talk a great deal about dealing with issues of conflict, transition, and meaningful conversations. Underlying each of these topics is the issue of Trust, which often is in short supply in our workplaces. Even more powerful is the concept of Betrayal, that persistent wound and pain when trust hasContinue reading “Building and Repairing Trust in Working Relationships”


  By Harry Webne-Behrman  The following is an excerpt from What Matters at Work, my recently published book for emerging, facilitative leaders who want to align their actions and those of their organizations with the things they truly value. Everything we do in Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration and Journey Beyond increases and improves ourContinue reading “WHAT MATTERS AT WORK: TAKE HEALTHY STEPS”