Dealing with Conflict Under Stress — Keep It Simple

Much of my work over the years has been in helping address workplace conflicts. When we are all now trying to do our part to minimize the impacts of COVID-19 on our society, we also must adjust to new ways of working under stress. Different businesses are experiencing different stress factors: Some are working fromContinue reading “Dealing with Conflict Under Stress — Keep It Simple”

Integrated Dispute Settlement Systems: Addressing Conflicts Constructively

Question: How do we, as leaders, help our organizations address conflicts constructively?  Answer: Map out and understand our ways of handling conflicts, also known as our “dispute settlement systems.” Fill in gaps. Build capacity. Reinforce what works in order to focus upon What Matters at Work.  Conflicts and complaints naturally arise within most organizations. WeContinue reading “Integrated Dispute Settlement Systems: Addressing Conflicts Constructively”

Consider the Risks of Global Networks and Build in Buffers

Connectivity is a fact of life in 21st Century economic, political, and social systems. We are now inextricably related to one another through networks that provide immense opportunities for leveraged scale and benefits, but which also expose us to the dark side of being unable to protect ourselves from the destructive actions of others overContinue reading “Consider the Risks of Global Networks and Build in Buffers”


This excerpt from What Matters at Work seems to add nicely to previous discussions about conflict, collaborative negotiation, and decision-making. I hope you find it useful to read — then give it a try! A key challenge occurs when we are invited to engage in longer planning, policy-making, or conflict negotiation processes without being adequatelyContinue reading “USING THE “OUTCOMES IDENTIFICATION EXERCISE””

Facing this Overwhelming Moment

It’s hard to know where to begin, it feels so overwhelming: A global pandemic has infected 6.5 million people across the world and shows no signs of abating as it now attacks some of the poorest countries on Earth. COVID-19 has killed nearly 400,000 people including an unfathomable 108,000 in the US, the wealthiest nationContinue reading “Facing this Overwhelming Moment”