New Book! What Matters in This Moment

I am pleased to announce my new book! What Matters at Work: Leading Groups Through Uncertain Times was released in late 2021 and is now available in both paperback and Kindle versions. This new effort builds upon themes first developed in What Matters at Work, adding new strategies, tools, and processes to lead groups and organizations through the complex, often uncharted waters we are now called upon to navigate. In addition, this is a call to action to see our place in the world, as resources to our communities so we can make a difference in addressing the complex challenges of our times. I invite you to join me in this effort…


Published by Harry Webne-Behrman

Harry Webne-Behrman is a consultant, facilitator, mediator, educator living in Ottawa, Ontario. Bringing vast experience to organizational challenges, specializing in complex conflicts, Harry offers coaching and consulting to people seeking to provide leadership to their organizations and communities on a wide range of issues.

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