What Matters at Work — Book is Out!

After two years of work, I’m so pleased the book, What Matters at Work is now available! It has been a wonderful process of writing, feedback, improvement, and (ultimately) publication that I hope will resonate with many people across a vast swath of organization life. There is already one 3-session course based upon this work, and it pleases me to now have this text to support it. Workshops and consultations will be developed over the coming weeks and months that allow for “deep dives” into the material — in many ways, simply putting these ideas out there will be most informative regarding where there is need and priority.

If you can, pick up a copy! Read it, work on the exercises, and provide feedback regarding what more is needed. Here’s the Amazon link – I hope you like it…


Published by Harry Webne-Behrman

Harry Webne-Behrman is a consultant, facilitator, mediator, educator living in Ottawa, Ontario. Bringing vast experience to organizational challenges, specializing in complex conflicts, Harry offers coaching and consulting to people seeking to provide leadership to their organizations and communities on a wide range of issues.

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